What’s Our Purpose?

I am a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am currently taking a communications course, COMM 498P – Producing Digital Media from Funding to Finish. Environmental studies is a huge deal and in order to bring awareness, I have created a blog that I will be using to share and discuss relevant issues occurring all throughout the world. This summer 2017, I will be going to Brazil and there I will shoot a small documentary that highlights some environmental concerns in Brazil and draw comparisons between the two countries. It is important to know how we are all connected throughout the world.  I advocate that examining the environment and how much it impacts the decisions we make that often cause conflict. The issue of climate change is one that is frequently debated. The purpose of this blog is to bring to light the reality of climate change and challenge ideologies that argue against it’s importance. I will explore different policies, treaties, and other relevant areas of focus to support environmental advocacy and educate readers on the complexity and urgency of the issue.

Throughout the year I have been posting different things I’ve researched. During Summer 2017 when I travel to Brazil I will need the funds to help with my research. Thus the go fund me link can be found here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-my-environmental-pro-brand

Please support my trip to Brazil, as I will be studying better ways to contribute to society and help the environment.

What’s My Position? 

My position is that climate change is very real and that global warming is a serious problem. I argue that humans play a large role in contributing to the issue of climate change and want to explore the ways in which they are.

I hope to enlighten my readers on issues I find relevant and controversial. So I have developed a fake brand that hopefully might inspire others and actually become effective and I can get a solid team to carry this on after the class.

-Environmental Pro and Conservation Team (Me lol.)