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This blog, Environmental and Conservation Protection, was a great way to promote the safekeeping of our environment and the species that live among it.  I will use this platform to discuss relevant issues occurring all throughout the world hoping that all are willing to discuss their opinions and thoughts.  Throughout this website, I hope to also be able to educate more people on what we can do to make a difference.  

The recent Presidential Election, shifted a lot of things in government, in terms of positions, which made many people question where our country stood in terms of environment protection.  In regards to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), I want to argue that it is our responsibility to take care of the environment.  


March For Science Shows Why Funding For Climate Change Agencies is So Important

This past Saturday, April 22, 2017, several thousands of people came out to march in support of science and more specifically against the governmental changes negatively affecting the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Thousands of people marched here in Washington, DC as well as in places all over the world from Boston to Chicago to Alaska to London and Tokyo, just to name a few places that participated. These protesters chose to make Earth Day a time to focus on the negative changes threatening our planet and livelihood.

At the march in Washington, DC many attendees gathered around the EPA headquarters chanting in support of the EPA. Even some of our very own University of Maryland community members attended the march, President Loh stated that the march is important “to our future and to our country.”  In Los Angeles students from the California Institute of Technology came together and held demonstrations teaching people how to make solar panels out of blackberries and sunblock. Overall those that came out wanted to emphasize the importance of saving the planet and natural science practices.

Celebrity scientists like Bill Nye The Science Guy and Doctor Who also came out to show their support in the very first ever March For Science. This March took place at a monumental time, being that our new government administration is aiming to make so many destructive changes and policies that harm our planet.  Those who came out showed that the science should not be ignored and that the Trump administration’s decision to cut funding for the EPA, NIH and other agencies related to science would not go unnoticed.

The March For Science highlighted Earth Day but also showed the importance of funding for agencies working towards changes for our environment. The Trump administration’s decision to cut funding and support for these agencies puts our planet in serious danger and at serious risk. This march showed that we cannot and should not sit back and ignore these destructive changes but instead should get out and use our voices to speak out against it before it is too late.  Hopefully efforts made by attendees at this weekend’s march will grab the attention of members of the government administration and cause them to continue to fund these much needed agencies.




Why Don’t We Talk About Ocean Dumping?

ocean dumping


Today, it has been a main priority from countries all over the world to try and protect the ocean from the dump and waste people fill it with.  Regulating ocean dumping is important because can cause human health risks according to the Environmental Protection Act.  Many people fail to realize this and think that only animals are the one’s impacted by the dumping and wastes.  Today, the majority materials that are disposed are uncontaminated sediments which are removed from our nation’s waterways.  This support a network of coastal ports and harbors for commercial, transportation, national defense and recreational purposes.  To get more information on how to prevent ocean dumping, visit the website below.  It is important that we do everything we can to protect the ocean.  





Admit It, Air Pollution Is A Problem!

air pollution

In the UK, many residents have expressed anger towards the government for failing to act on air pollution.  Labour states it is a “public health emergency”, and thinks that this issue should not be set aside.  Although the government claims it is committed to improving the UK’s air quality, Jeremy Corbyn states that certain parts of the country have terrible levels of pollution.  Labour says almost 40 million people are living in areas with illegal levels of NO2.  The government was told to take immediate by the High Court, according to BBC News, in April 2015 to cut air pollution after it was found the UK had breached EU limits for NO2 in the air.  The UK has now been sent a final warning this past February by the European Commission.  To learn more about the UK’s Final Warning, click on the link below:


“Government Has Failed to Act on Air Pollution, Says Labour.” BBC News. BBC, 22 Apr. 2017. Web. 24 Apr. 2017.  


Tune In to This Earth Day Playlist

Earth-Day.jpgIts easy to get overwhelmed with the complexity of fighting climate change. Especially on days like Earth Day we tend to be hyperaware of everything we are NOT doing to help save our planet. Luckily, USA Today College put together an Earth Day playlist to help lighten the mood and provide the soundtrack to your Earth Day efforts.

Kids Are Already Bad Listeners. How Can We Get Them To Care About Climate Change?



In the spirit of Earth Day, articles are desperately flying around the internet hoping to hook the attention of people who aren’t too keen on the whole, “save the Earth” thing. However, if you’ve ever had to deal with kids…that’s a whole other battle. We hear the phrase, “Kids are the future” all the time so it is especially important to educate kids on what future Earth is looking like to them at this rate (not so good). Keeping kids engaged and encouraging them to be little environmental activists can present some challenges. However, this article does a good job of explaining how some people catch children’s short attention spans.


Trump To Sign New Order Rolling Back Obama Energy Regs

Trump is repealing, flag and checking into a lot of the President Obama’s plans to regulate energy and greenhouse emissions. He is reviewing the Clean Power Plan, put in place to restrict greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants and get rid of a lot of plans put in place to protect our planet. Trump has openly stated his disbelief in global warming. This article outlines his environmental plans for the future.


Global Warming Could Make Hurricane Forecasting More Difficult, Study Suggests

A recent study shows that tropical cyclone damage has been increasing by 6 percent each year. This increase in damage and increase in cyclone and hurricane intensity has been in part to global warming. Warmer areas were tested and it was proven that as the climate gets warmer more damage is done. The article does in an in-depth explanation of how global warming is negatively affecting the environment as a whole.


Trump’s EPA Will Fail Us

The Trump Administration’s budget cut proposal will increase the burden placed on state governments. Now that the republicans are in charge of all three branches of the federal government, the effort to eliminate national environmental regulation is soon to follow. Trump’s proposed EPA budget will cut the agency by 31% and will eliminate initiatives that promoted environmental justice and education. The reduction of research funds will limit programs that focus on understanding and controlling climate change, along with chemical and water safety. According to an article last month in the Washington Post by Juliet Eilperin, Chris Mooney and Steven Mufson, the EPA has issued a plan to lay off 25% of its employees and discontinue 56 programs like “pesticide safety, water runoff control, and environmental cooperation with other countries under the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

There are so many scientific programs that are unlikely to be funded at the state and local level. They may lack the resources or the scientific expertise to successfully address the problem. When the federal government makes cutbacks, there are some states will be able to enforcement environmental protection. However, there are poorer states that do not have the resources to perform all the functions that a national environmental agency can. That’s why it is important to have a strong EPA on a federal level.

A clean breathable environment is imperative. People with waterfront homes do not want their rivers smelling like sewers. Cleanliness is critical to the economy because businesses and people won’t want to visit, move in or invest in places that are heavily polluted. People care about their family’s health. Polluted air, garbage on the beaches and streets, lead in drinking water and toxic wastes are unacceptable.

The country has spent decades of national progress in successfully cleaning up our environment but global issues will be neglected under the Trump-Pruitt EPA. The protection and conservation of our environment is a huge issue and conditions will worsen if the federal government does not take proper action to protect it.

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Trump’s Eyes Another Climate Skeptic for the Council on Environmental Quality

Kathleen Harnett White, a climate skeptic who firmly believes that carbon emissions should not be regulated because they are harmless, is President Trump’s top contender to run for the Council on Environmental Quality. We already have Scott Pruitt as the head of the EPA, we don’t need any more climate skeptics in charge of environmental regulations!